OSU team repeats as Argonia Cup winner

The Cowboy Rocketeers of Oklahoma State University won the 2018 Argonia Cup rocketry challenge. Terry Smemo/Contributed photo

The second annual Argonia Cup competition was held April 7-8. Of the 10 collegiate teams that registered, eight showed up on the Rocket Pasture to compete for the title of 2018 Argonia Cup champions.

“Despite almost brutally cold conditions, we had amazingly good flying conditions,” said Bob Brown, prefect of the sponsoring KLOUDBusters rocketry club. “As the first day came to a close, everyone on the field was shocked to see that there was not one qualifying flight turned in.”

Teams struggled to meet the challenge of launching a rocket to an altitude of at least 8,000 feet, then delivering a golf ball payload as close as possible to a target on the ground. Some teams landed in a pile of broken rocket parts; others did not reach the required altitude of 8,000 feet.

By the close of the competition’s second day, all eight teams had flown at least once. Four teams flew a second time, and one team even flew a third time. All these extra attempts were allowed in the rules.

By the end of the event, two teams had achieved qualifying flights.

Second place goes to the Rocketeers of Southern Illinois from Southern Illinois University, with a flight that reached 11,941 feet in altitude and landed 5,914 feet from the target.

The 2018 Argonia Cup champions are the Cowboy Rocketeers, one of two teams from Oklahoma State University.

The Cowboy Rocketeers won with a flight to 8,998 feet in altitude and a landing 5,069 feet from the target, defending the title they won in last year’s inaugural Argonia Cup.

Josh Calder from Northwestern Oklahoma State University, center, readies a rocket for launch.
Isaac Klausmeyer stands with his rocket, Baby Bertha, waiting for his chance to launch at last weekend’s Argonia Cup.