Mayor asks for positive impressions of Conway Springs

Conway Springs Fall Fest is held every September.

By Michelle Leidy-Franklin

The City of Conway Springs Facebook page posted a request for positive feedback from citizens.

“Share with us some of your FAVORITE things about Conway Springs,” said the post, written by Mayor Jessica Gerlach.

Leaders in the community have been working together to improve the impression of Conway Springs to visitors to help foster growth and community pride. The Kansas Pride Program is under consideration for several projects in the future to help build the community, including local business, and to encourage beautification.

“This is something we can do now. Anyone who is considering Conway Springs is going to look for a website. We need a one-stop place for everyone to go,” said Gerlach.

Gerlach plans to help get the city website updated and feature positive feedback and pictures from the community. Gerlach said that the city website can be difficult to use and may not contain the latest updated information.

The mayor is concerned that growth of the community could be negatively impacted by first impressions of an outdated website with little to attract new families.

“We haven’t really given the website the attention it needs,” she said.

Gerlach plans to use the community submissions to create a positive first impression on the city website. Pictures and testimonies from residents will be used to form an appealing website to entice new residents and participants in community events.

Gerlach requested citizens describe what they love about their home town. She gave no specifics on topic, season or context. Every positive submission is welcome. Residents are also encouraged to submit their favorite picture taken in Conway Springs. Photos will only be publicly used with prior consent.

If you are a resident of Conway Springs and you would like to share the reason why you love your hometown, writings and pictures may be submitted to