Haysville: Competition has teams walking hard

The members of the Stepping it Up team posted a photo after completing a circuit around Riggs Park. Pictured from left are Grace Black, Constance Black, Jennifer Nicholson, Janelle Roland and Isabelle Roland.

By Sam Jack

Thirty teams are participating in 060 Walks, a step-counting competition sponsored by the Haysville Healthy Habits Coalition.

In its first week, 150 participants combined to walk 8 million steps, or nearly 1,600 miles.

“It’s really been quite successful, quite a blessing,” said Paige Crum, who is helping Haysville Healthy Habits to organize the program. “Many of the team members don’t actually live in Haysville, but we created walks through town, and there are special prizes if they complete all the routes. That’s bringing people to Haysville to check out our parks and businesses, and we like that.”

Crum herself is on a team called the Anti-Sloth League of Moms.

Jennifer Henry, a paraprofessional at Oatville Elementary, is on a team called Scrambled Legs, along with four of her coworkers.

Scrambled Legs is one of a handful of teams at Oatville, which has led to some friendly competition as Henry uses her breaks to walk up and down the school’s hallways.

“There’s that friendly taunting when you’re walking up and down. I normally walk on my lunch, and it’s fun to peek in their rooms,” Henry said.

Henry’s personal goal is 10,000 steps per day, which has also sent her on circuits of Riggs Park after school.

The team that has logged the most steps by April 28 will split a cash prize that, based on the number of sign-ups, should amount to at least $700.

As of Sunday, the top three teams were the Wolf Pack, the Dynamic Steppers and the Believers. Combined, the top 10 teams took 4,720,142 steps in the competition’s first week.

To get updates on the 060 Walks competition, go to www.facebook.com/HaysvilleHealthyHabits and click on the 060 Walks event page.

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