Clearwater High School to stage ‘12 Angry Jurors’

Cast members rehearse a tense scene from “Twelve Angry Jurors.” Clearwater High School will present the play Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.

CLEARWATER – This weekend, Clearwater High School drama students will present the classic play “Twelve Angry Jurors.” Showtime is 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

The drama is about a jury deliberating a homicide trial. At the start of the show, a single dissenter of not-guilty keeps the jury from a unanimous decision. Throughout the play, seeds of reasonable doubt are sown in the case of a young man accused of murdering his own father. The play, first called “Twelve Angry Men” was initially staged in 1964. The title is often changed to “Twelve Angry Jurors” as women are included in the cast.

The cast includes Zane Graham, Jessi Cooper, Zac Randolph, Cordell Robinson, Lynae Rhoadarmer, McKenzie Graves, Paige Huggins, Lindsey Deselms, Ryan Vogel, Rylie Noland, Kayla Bennett, Addie House, Ryan Phelps, Samantha Church and John Leigh. Understudies are Courtney Long and Lauren Leabo. Courtney Long is stage manager and student director, Jessi Cooper is props mistress, and Jenny Pero is house manager.

Crew members include Kayla Bennett, Makenzie Graves, Paige Huggins, Carlee Lill, Mara Jacobs, Sydney Bennett, Chloe Earp, Arin Pitcher, Katie Johnson, Clayton Patterson, Elizabeth Kennedy, David Brandt, Sydnie McBee, Andy Rakes, Ian Knoblaugh, J.T. Teeter, Kip Burge, Zane Graham, Addie House, John Leigh, Zac Randolph, Courtney Long, Lily Bonnet, Lauren Leabo, Rylie Noland, Lynaie Rhoardarmer, Cordell Robinson, Samantha Church, Ariah McCoy, Ryan Vogel, Alex Ast, Jessi Cooper, Lindsey Deselms, Jenny Pero and Corianne Phelps.

Tickets are $5 per person, and Clearwater students get in free with their school identification. Tickets are available this week at the CHS office and at the door.