Haysville approves nuisance lighting ordinance

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The Haysville City Council approved an ordinance to limit “nuisance lighting” at its meeting Monday evening.

The vote on the ordinance was 6-0, with council member Steven Crum absent. Under the ordinance, residents are prohibited from installing and using outdoor lights that create excessive “glare or direct illumination across a property line.”

Council member Janet Parton introduced the ordinance.

“A citizen has a property owner behind her that has lights that shine well into her yard and light it up like day, and we didn’t have anything that covered that situation, so we came up with this ordinance,” Parton said.

An exterior light can be considered a nuisance “if it generates greater than 2 footcandles when measured perpendicular to the light source, 5 feet above the ground and five feet inside the receiving property line,” according to the new ordinance.

Mayor Bruce Armstrong noted that the city of Wichita has had a similar ordinance in place for some time.