Fake cop reported in Sumner County near Clearwater

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, someone pretending to be a police officer pulled Steven Folk over, in Sumner County south of Clearwater. Folk reported the incident in a post that was widely shared on Facebook.

“I called 911 and checked to see if they were real, because they had me pulled over for five minutes and never got out of the car,” Folk wrote. “I got on the phone with 911 and they took off.”

Sumner County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Westmoreland said deputies drove to the area but did not apprehend any fake cops. He added that this was the first such incident reported in Sumner County.

“Most generally, when a deputy or officer pulls someone over, they’re going to do it in a well-lit area, unless you’re out in the county where that’s not available,” Westmoreland said. “If you’re suspicious it may not be a real officer, you can always call 911 and see what’s going on.”