GODDARD: Clothes Closet has home

Cathy Riemann manages the Lord’s Acre Clothes Closet. The charity shop recently opened in its new location near Goddard United Methodist Church.

By Sam Jack

The Lord’s Acre Clothes Closet has a new home. After years at the Regency Mobile Home Park, it is now located on the northwest corner of Elm Street and 2nd Avenue in Goddard.

A project of Goddard United Methodist Church, the Clothes Closet is a source for free and very inexpensive clothes and household goods.

“We’ve got quite a following,” said Bob Sandifer, who volunteers to help keep it running. “We’ve got people coming from Kingman, Clearwater, Cheney, Garden Plain – you name it.”

The Clothes Closet is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2 to 5 p.m. Glenda Riemann, who manages the shop, said she rotates the stock every week. New items are 50 cents. After a few weeks, items that have not been claimed move over to the “free rack,” and clothes that are not claimed off the free rack either go back in storage, get sent elsewhere or are disposed of.

“We have baby through adults, all sizes of clothes,” Riemann said. “Some of the clothes are brand new. We also have shoes, some kitchenware, books and knick-knacks.”

Riemann said the Clothes Closet’s volunteers and employees are making the new space work.

“Any time you change buildings, you have to reconfigure a little bit, and we seem to be doing that pretty well,” she said. “People feel like this is a homey atmosphere. We have more lights and higher ceilings, so it feels good.”

The Clothes Closet accepts donations. Donations can be dropped off any time, but Riemann likes for folks to come by during business hours if possible.

For more information on the Lord’s Acre Clothes Closet, call Riemann at 316-706-2368, or call the church at 316-794-2207.