Iron Wagon restaurant damaged by fire

Sedgwick County firefighters spray water into the Iron Wagon on Friday afternoon.

By Sam Jack

Haysville restaurant Iron Wagon Tex Mex BBQ was damaged by a fire Friday afternoon.

According to Sedgwick County Fire Department division chief Carl Cox, firefighters arrived at 2:30 p.m. and had the fire out fairly quickly.

“The first started in the area of a smoker in the back of the building, and it spread to the attic. When our crews arrived, we had fire in the back as well as heavy fire involvement in the attic,” Cox said.

Restaurant owner Joe Fowler said he was smoking sausage in his smoker. When he opened the door of the smoker, the fire flared out explosively, exposing him to minor flash burns and setting the building on fire.

“I like the smell of smoke, usually,” he said. “When it turns yellow and angry, that’s when I have an issue.”

Nobody else was injured by the blaze. Fowler does not yet know the full extent of the damage, but it appears to be pretty extensive. He said he was not sure about the future of the restaurant, which opened only a few months ago.

“Every dime we’ve made in the last four years has gone into this,” he said. “I hope the insurance does what it’s supposed to do and helps us rebuild.”

Fowler said he planned to post updates to the Iron Wagon Facebook page.